Thursday, October 22, 2009

Honoring Pudding

My sweet, sweet kitty passed suddenly 4 days ago. My heart is broken. He was only 6 and it seems so unfair. He came to us as a baby, just this tiny fur ball, like he had to grow into his fur. My kids named him Pudding because he reminded them of a pudding snack pack. We called him lots of names, though: Puddy Two-shoes; Puddy Pie; Puddy Loo; Toody.

What is life without pets?

Monday, October 5, 2009

Great reads:

I've finished the latest issue of Another Chicago Magazine (the one I picked up a couple of weeks ago) and really loved Caeli Wolfson Widger's "Danger Everywhere." This is a 2nd person POV and I admit that 2nd person is usually a turn off for me (not sure why, but there it is). But! This was different. It grabbed me right away and kept me. Fresh, engaging, real. Terrific.

Also enjoyed, from the same issue, Tracy DiBrincat's "Gardenland."

I stumbled upon Sotto Voce over the weekend and found a great story written by Sandra Maddux-Creech: Neptune's Reinvention. Very creative and well written. Check it out.