Thursday, October 22, 2009

Honoring Pudding

My sweet, sweet kitty passed suddenly 4 days ago. My heart is broken. He was only 6 and it seems so unfair. He came to us as a baby, just this tiny fur ball, like he had to grow into his fur. My kids named him Pudding because he reminded them of a pudding snack pack. We called him lots of names, though: Puddy Two-shoes; Puddy Pie; Puddy Loo; Toody.

What is life without pets?


  1. Sorry to hear about Pudding. I know how much you love your fur babies. Hugs my friend.

  2. Mitzi,

    I'm sorry. We have a long-haired tabby, Jameson. He's one now, a stray we adopted at three months. I can only imagine how much Pudding's loss hurts. Take care.

  3. Deni and Ethel -

    Thank you for your kind thoughts. It's hard... He and I were buddies; he followed me around and I talked to him all the time. He was so much a part of my routine that I'm a little lost.