Sunday, January 17, 2010


Over the past two weeks I've reconnected with not one, not two, but THREE old friends. For one, it's been over 25 years since I last spoke with her. The planets must all be aligned because, although I'm a Leo, I tend to be on the shy side, reserved. Reaching out is normally not my thing, but I have to say that it feels really, really good.

Who do you need to reach out to?


  1. I'm glad, Mitzi! Reconnecting is always good. :)thanks for your e-mail today. I'm behind because I have an essay to write for the paperback. But I'll touch base tomorrow. Miss you!!!! Want to hear more about your recent acceptance. (And congrats, again.)

  2. Sandy! I have more info for you regarding that email if you're interested. Let me know.

    RE: my acceptance. So excited! One small requested edit: I have to come up with a new title. Titles used to come fairly easy for me, but the winds have changed... ha.