Saturday, April 3, 2010

Great reads:

I've been all over the place reading, reading, reading, and am amazed and thrilled and inspired! by the terrific stories I've come across. These are worth your time:

From the Autumn 2009 issue of The Southern Review: "Ecumenical Bedding" by Gilbert Allen. This is wildly creative and funny in a wry sort of way.

From the Fall 2009 issue of The Pinch: "Walk Through Walls" by Steven Wingate. This is also wildly creative, with a far-out edge that I find so appealing. The subject matter is as the title suggests: walking through walls. Really. And it's done so matter-of-factly, so this-sort-of-thing-happens-all-the-time that it's believable.

From Issue 26 of Smokelong Quarterly: Pregnant With Peanut Butter by Michael Czyzniejewski. Direct and amazing. You fall right into the story without realizing it's happening.

From the Spring 2010 issue of JMWW: Prescott, Presley, Preston by Matt Bell. This is another one of those far-out kind of subjects that I so love and, man, it's a killer.


  1. Mitzi! I nearly keeled over when Matt sent me Prescott, Presley, Preston. That story smashed my mind. And I love that Mike Czyz piece from SLQ. Thanks for the great recs, and I hope this finds you well! D

  2. Hey Dave!

    Yeah, my mind keeps circling back to Matt Bell's piece. Just awesome!

    I've been working on a flash process isn't nearly as efficient as yours :)

    Thanks for stopping by!