Sunday, August 8, 2010

More Ireland!

A lasting impression I have from Ireland is one of flowers. They're everywhere! Big bunches of color in containers - bright and welcoming. All the stores and businesses in every little town have flower boxes at their windows filled with vibrant and colorful flowers. I never saw any that were brown or droopy and it made me wonder how they kept them all so fresh-looking. I decided it was all the help from Mother Nature: rain, misty and ever-present for at least a little bit, it seemed, every day. Left: in Durrus, on Sheepshead Peninsula (county Cork).

In Blarney (county Cork), at a restaurant called Muskerry Arms:

In Bushmills (county Antrim):

A hostel in Killarney (county Kerry):

In Northern Ireland, a street in the walled city of Derry (county Derry):

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