Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Counting Proper

My short story Counting Proper is live at Blue Lake Review. It appeared originally in the May 2009 issue of Bryant Literary Review.

Happy New Year!


  1. Scary fantastic brutal story. Every sentence sharp as a razor. The obsessive reliance on counting is a terrific device. it's like a metronome of Cheryl's despair; her inner life's a ticking timebomb that both controls her and separates her from reality through the story. At the end, you don't know if her defiance in opening all the curtains is a way to invite more misery/numbness, as her self-mutilation is, or if it is her first step at confrontation as a way to liberate herself.

  2. Thanks, Kass, for reading and for your comments! I still really like this character, Cheryl, and every time I read this story, I'm taken back to the time I lived in Illinois, my inspiration for the story/characters.