Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Great read:

I started Ron Currie, Jr.'s novel, Everything Matters!, back in October, reading on the plane from Milwaukee to Tampa and back again. I found the premise (a boy is born with the ability to "know" things, everyday things about happenings with family, friends and strangers alike, as well as the important, life-altering stuff like the exact date the world will end) intriguing in a mysterious, esoteric sort of way.

I got halfway through the book during those October flights and then life and the holidays got in the way. It sat on my nightstand until this week when I picked it up again (on another flight from Milwaukee to Tampa). It took only a page and I was back in it, back in the lives of these people. It's told from several POVs, including an omniscient "group" intelligence, which is the source of his knowings. I thoroughly enjoyed the read and was, in fact, a little sad to let go when it ended. It was a very unique setup and the authority with which it was told was remarkable: I bought it.

Add this to your list.

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