Monday, December 7, 2009

Does QUIRKY have its place?

I just received yet *another* rejection for a short-short piece that's, well, quirky. And while I understand that rejection is part of the game, I'm beginning to wonder if this particular piece is doomed. I won't tell you how many times it's been rejected because a) saying it out loud makes it more about the number, somehow, and b) I've got other "normal" stories with many more rejections that've found homes. But I like this story. It's off beat, humorous in an odd sort of way, maybe even a little weird. But it's harmless. And, it's short, <600 words, so it doesn't require a big investment of time... just a willingness to investigate. Surely there are folks out there who appreciate quirky?


  1. Mitzi, do you want to send it to me at For what it's worth, I'd be happy to read it, and could maybe suggest some markets I think would be a good fit?