Friday, March 5, 2010

Meet Daisy and Diesel

We have 2 new family members: Daisy and Diesel. They are brother and sister and are very, very cute. Daisy is the black one and is more reserved, cautious. Diesel runs full tilt. Truth be told, I wasn't quite ready for a new kitty (or 2!); it's only been 4 month's since Pudding's passing. But their story tugged at my heartstrings and I took a leap of faith. These are the only 2 surviving kittens from the litter: a fox or coyote got the others. The mama cat dragged them up to the porch of a nearby farmhouse in an attempt to keep them from harm. The farmhouse folks took them in, fed them, and kept them safe, and then found them a new home: ours.

Who knew naming pets was so hard? We've had several pets over the years and I don't remember it being so difficult for everyone to agree on a name. Maybe it's because we have to agree on TWO names. Here's a sampling of the names we've considered (some of which were briefly adopted) and discarded:

* Sookie and Bill - I just couldn't call a cat Bill even though everyone came up with funny nicknames like Pecos Bill, Wild Bill, Bodacious Bill.
* Dr. Quinn (Medicine Woman) and Walker Texas Ranger - Quinn actually stuck for a while but Walker didn't feel right.
* Oprah and Dr. Phil - this was just plain funny

For him:
* Toro (as in the lawnmower because he purrs so loud)
* Bruno
* Brutus
* Rocky
* Duke
* Felix (this one stuck for a couple of days)

For her:
* Lexie (I really liked this and campaigned hard for it)


  1. both are very cute! i'd have gone for sookie and bill, but yeah daisy and diesel are solid names and match the looks they're giving.

    hope you are good!

  2. Hey David! Yeah, Sookie and Bill are really cool names (especially as we're huge True Blood fans), but, in reality, it felt awkward somehow when I called the kitty that. A little flat. Go on, try it and you'll see :)

    How's the potty training coming with your daughter? You still having to cry/bribe her???

  3. Hey Mitzi! I understand completely about Sookie and Bill names sounding awkward! Incidentally, I should have the first two discs of True Blood season 1 arriving tomorrow. Good timing!

    The potty training is doing much better! I think I may have clapped a tad too much for her though b/c now whenever I announce I am going to use the bathroom or start walking over to it...she'll start clapping for me. She is pretty much all the way trained now. Out of diapers and using pull-ups. Thanks for asking! And thanks so much for checking out my Word Riot story. I left a rambling response on my blog...what a tease! You'll have to scroll back over to see it, in all its rambly glory! D

  4. We have a pure white cat with one green eye and one blue eye that is stone deaf (apparently a genetic trait of pure white cats with different colored eyes) named Sophie Charlotte because we got her at one year old -- nobody interested in adopting a deaf cat -- from the Tierheim (animal home) in Berlin after Mog, our tiger cat who lived 18+ years died on her favorite blanket on the sofa where she always slept -- in fact, at first I thought she was asleep, but when she didn't react to her breakfast offering ... -- and we quietly and secretly buried her in the back yard of our apartment building. We waited a year before getting Sophie, who has now lived in Germany, Michigan, Washington, DC, and currently Buenos Aires.

    I like your snow pictures. It does not snow in Buenos Aires. The wind (the good airs, I suppose) blow frequently and the sun shines most of the time. It's sort of like San Diego.

    Thank you for visiting me earlier today.

  5. Thanks for stopping by Donigan! Sophie Charlotte is a lovely name, and the two different colored eyes sounds really wild. What a wonderful thing you've done adopting a deaf cat!!

    I can't imagine what it would be like to have the sun shine "most of the time"... How about we trade: you can have some of my snow and I'll take some of your shining sun?