Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Two noteworthy things are happening simultaneously here in my neck of the woods: the weatherman has forecast sunny conditions for 4 - count 'em: one, two, three, four! - days in a row (today is day 3) AND the temperature is supposed to hit 60 degrees today.

First, the sun: For everyone living just about anywhere but here it seems, opening your drapes on any given morning and seeing the sun is a normal experience. Not so in sunless Wisconsin. A month or two ago, during the deep dark days of winter, I counted 3 days of sun in a 14-day period.

Second, the temperatures: Yesterday it was in the mid-50's; teenagers were wearing shorts and flip-flops. That might be pushing it, but 60 degrees in mid-March is a wonderful thing, especially given that the average around here is 44 degrees. With 4 days of sunshine and temps in the low 60's it's easy to think spring is here. But, really, this is Wisconsin. Who am I kidding?


  1. Hi Ethel! Thanks for stopping by. I'm just heading outside to wash my car in the driveway. I've been complaining for weeks that it's so dirty I can barely see out of the side mirrors :)

    Hope you are well!

  2. Ha! Great post, Mitzi. And, thanks to you (or at least to your-almost named cats), I'm watching and loving "True Blood." About four episodes into season 1. SO GOOD!

    Thanks again for your comments to my Word Riot story! D

  3. Dave - True Blood is awesome!! Glad you're enjoying it. Can't wait for season 3!